PSVR 2: Rumors, release date, price, specs, and what we want

Additionally, we expect the PSVR 2 to have some form of room tracking to more accurately follow the user’s movements and actions. This isn’t necessarily guaranteed, but it would allow the headset to be as successful as those from competing brands. It could also help the PlayStation 5 keep up with third-party VR titles, which require room tracking to function at optimal performance.

Sony also patented a new “Controller Device[15],” which clearly looks like it will be used for PSVR 2. This controller intends to improve movement functionality and tracking. This is only a patent so it’s unclear what the full version will look like, but it gives us a general idea of what we can expect. 

PSVR 2 what we want 

Most of all, PSVR 2 needs to ensure that players have access to an extensive video game library to justify the price of a VR headset. While the original PSVR had quite a few fun games to mess around with, it paled in comparison to what’s available on PCs with HTC or Oculus headsets. This could change if PSVR 2 increases its functionality as much as we expect it to, allowing for the PS5 to better support more demanding third-party titles like Half-Life: Alyx.

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