PSVR 2: Rumors, release date, price, specs, and what we want

With the PS5 on the horizon, we suspect the PSVR will also get a new iteration that improves upon everything its predecessor excelled at and remedies the things it didn’t do so well. However, the existence of PSVR 2 is currently unknown, even with the console’s release date coming up so soon.

The question we need to ask is how PSVR 2 will improve on its predecessor. What new technologies will Sony implement to justify consumers purchasing another expensive piece of hardware? And if it exists, when will we actually be able to get our hands on it?

If you’re curious about any of this, here’s everything you need to know about PSVR 2, including its release date, rumors, price, specs and what we want to see from the advancing technology.

PSVR 2 release date 

Sony won’t let the PS5 go very far into its life cycle without VR support, which likely means we’ll get a reveal of the new headset sometime at the end of 2020. If not, we can definitely expect to see it on the early side of 2021. Even though this makes sense from a business perspective, it’s hard to say for sure. Sony has been unpredictable with its reveal patterns this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if this also applied to the PSVR 2.

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